Natural Weight Loss

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Comprehensive Natural Weight Loss 

A Touch of Heaven Medical Spa offers an all-natural weight loss program to assist in your success to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off.

Nano Drops is a 100% homeopathic formula for a fast and healthy way to achieve weight loss results.
  • Works similar to HCG but even more powerfully
  • Adds a powerful punch to the fat loss initiative of your body
  • Uses the same dietary protocol as HCG but also works with any diet program
  • Relieves hunger even better without stimulation
  • Fast weight loss
  • Safe to use
  • May be used by any person past puberty
  • Superior science: Pure nanopharmacological science
  • Helps to control cravings (sweets and others)
  • Boosts metabolism
  •  Mood / emotional controller, less irritability
  • Targets unwanted belly fat
  • No undesirable side effects, unlike prescription HCG injections
Choose from four levels to begin your journey with a lifestyle change. This is a safe and effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Contact us to get a FREE consultation for all services to find out if you could benefit from our weight loss programs. 

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