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Raindrop Massage Therapy ( 60 minutes ) - $135

This is a powerful natural medicinal massage with Young Living Essential Oils[tm], customized for your body.

The Raindrop Technique is a relaxing and energizing sequence of applying therapeutic-grade essential oils combined with specialized massage techniques that bring structural and electrical alignment to the body.  The benefits are:

1.  Helps reduce pain

2.  Helps reduce inflammation

3.  Helps to improve circulation

5.  Helps to improve immune system

6.  Can facilitate the release of pent up negative emotions

7.  Helps to restore and maintain physical and emotional wellness

8.  Helps cleanse cellular receptor sites to enhance cellular communication

9.  Helps to improve overall body function

Express Stress Relief... 30 minutes - $40.00

Experienced professional massage therapists work the muscles of your upper body, neck, back, lower back and arms. Reducing stress, revitalizing your body and mind.

Aroma Scalp and Neck Massage... 30 minutes - $45.00

Relieves tension headache and assists in detoxification. May also be used to help reduce sinus pain or pressure.

Reflexology Hand & Foot Massage... 30 minutes - $45.00

Achieve a greater state of well being. Melt away tension and balance body systems.

1 Hour Reflexology Hand & Foot Massage - $75.00

Full Body Massage - $59.00

No monthly membership required

A  Swedish style Full Body Massage customized for your needs.  Releasing tension and relaxing from head to toe.

Customized Full Body Hour Massage 60 minutes - $70.00

Long flowing strokes and deeper muscle kneading are both part of this signature massage. Warmed towels, heated neck roll and much more await with this customized massage experience by our professional licensed massage therapists.

Pregnancy Massage…60 minutes - $70.00

Relieving stress and tension from lower back and legs for the “Mommy to Be”. Make sure you have doctors permission before scheduling a massage appointment. 2nd & 3rd trimester massages Only.

Hot Stone Massage…60 minutes - $80.00

Soothing deep heat therapy to relax and melt away muscle tension and aches with smooth basalt stones and warmed massage oil.

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage…60 minutes - $80.00

A one hour full body deep tissue massage allows our licensed massage therapist to penetrate into those aching areas to relieve congestion in the muscles and allow improved movement. Helps to bring renewed energy. Heated towels and biofreeze or prossage are added to enhance the treatment.

Sports Massage…60 minutes - $85.00

Especially designed to focus on target muscle groups of the shoulders, arms, neck, lower back, hips and quads.  See how this will improve your game.

Heavens’ Signature Massage…75 minutes - $100.00

Aromatherapy Mist, cleanses the entire body and revitalizes the soul. You choose from Energizing…Relaxation…Purifying   or Illuminating Moisture. A warmed application of scented massage oil follows with Hot Stones,hands- on and pressure points to relieve muscle tension.

Head to Toe Heavens’ Signature Massage…90 minutes - $135.00

Cleansing of the face and applied pressure points of face and scalp with a special serum reduces stress and tension. Warmed stone massage of face and neck are added to the full body massage experience.

Bamboo-Fusion Massage…60 minutes - $85.00

Warmed smooth Bamboo full body massage, working the muscles and getting in to those neck, back and shoulder areas.  Penetrating and compressing the muscles as they soothe and relax the tension.

Four Handed Massage…50 minutes - $125.00

Enjoy the uttmost of indulgence with two licensed massage therapists simultaneously working the upper and lower body muscles.  For those busy schedules in need of more than an hour of massage work but do not have the time.  100 minutes of hands on in 50 minutes.  Your body will be thanking you.

Couples Massage…50 minutes - $120.00

A massage for the Two of You! Share the massage experience together. A full body massage for both in our couples room. Lying just a breath away from your partner, relaxing and experiencing a full body massage by our professional, licensed massage therapists.